(and texting, and emailing)

Why Wi-Fi?

Superior data/voice service for passengers and pilots. Hourly rate plans starting at just $39/hr.


In today’s hyper connected world, so much can happen during even a short flight. So we’ve made it our mission to offer affordable, powerful connectivity solutions specifically designed for your aircraft. From lightweight, low-cost equipment packages, to hourly rate service plans starting at $39 per hour, Gogo makes in-flight Wi-Fi work for you, your passengers, and your pilots.

Benefits for owners

With equipment packages starting at just $35,000*, plus flexible hourly and monthly airtime plans, adding connectivity to your airplane makes sense both fiscally and functionally. Connectivity is proven to improve passenger/pilot satisfaction, increase your aircraft’s charter appeal, and even raise its resale value.

Benefits for passengers

Fire up your devices and stay connected in flight to the people and projects that mean the most. Using the Gogo Biz® network, your passengers can send and receive emails (with attachments), surf the Web, and even use their own smartphones—with their own number and contacts using Gogo Text & Talk.

Benefits for pilots

Whether it’s you or your pro in the cockpit, connectivity enhances popular cockpit apps from ForeFlight, FlightAware, WSI and Honeywell. Check up-to-date weather conditions (METARs, TAFS, Airmet, Sigmets) and get real-time graphic TFRs, airport information and more. All of which can make flights safer, save time and reduce fuel costs.

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*Does not include installation or certification.


You’ve got choices. And they’re all good.

Gogo’s systems are specifically designed to serve light jets and turboprops. They’re small, lightweight, feature-packed and affordable. Why should the big iron get all the good stuff?


Let us make it easy on you. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of our ATG 1000 and 2000 solutions, so you can select the system that’s right for you. If you’re still not sure, contact us for live, one-on-one help.

ATG 1000 ATG 2000
Equipment Price $35,000 $47,300
Hourly rate $39/hr $99/hr
True, 15-minute billing increments
Data savings policy: only pay while you’re connected, don’t connect, don’t pay
Minimums (or rather, the lack of)
Minimum hourly fee per month $0 $0
Minimum block of hours requirement None None
Available for all airframes (heavy, mid, light, turboprop)
High performance email with attachments
Call & text with your own smartphone & number (Gogo Text & Talk) Optional
Web browsing
Corporate VPN Access
Cockpit application support (FlightAware, ForeFlight, Honewell, WSI) Optional
Simultaneously connect up to five personal devices
Compatible with Gogo OnePhone Handset Optional Optional
Make up to two simultaneous voice calls
Coverage over the continental U.S. and portions of Alaska & Canada
Equipment Specs
Lightweight equipment package (LRU, antenna & CTR) 17 lbs 17 lbs
Upgrade path (ATG 1000 to ATG 2000, without swapping boxes)

Hourly Pricing  – One Price for Voice & Data*


Plan Per Hour Billing Increments
ATG 1000 $39 Every 15 minutes after the first hour
ATG 2000 $99 Every 15 minutes after the first hour


*Other Gogo Biz data and voice plans available. Contact us for details.

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